Fall makeup looks and trends


Fall makeup looks are everywhere on instagram and a lot of tutorials appeared for fall makeup. As we love fall fashion, we also adore fall makeup and fall colors. Every outfit will look completely different if you paired it with suitable makeup look. Fall makeup look are so simple. You don’t believe me, right? But that is the truth, all you have to do to achieve the perfect fall makeup look is to choose the right colors as beauty and makeup gurus do. You don’t have to buy those fancy makeup items that are over 40$, you can master fall looks with any kind of makeup you have. But first let us introduce to you makeup trends for fall 2017.

Metallic/ textured eye shadows: We all know that silver metallic shadow we all used back in the days, but the trend now is metallic shadow in all the color you would ever imagine. You can use metallic shadows in the inner portion of your eye led or in the center of the led for a hallow makeup look. These types of eye shadows are perfect for special occasions.


Dark Vampy Lips: In the New York fashion week vampy lips were all over the runway. They catch the eye very quickly and go perfectly with simple eye makeup. You can use a nude lip color in the center of your lips to give it that ombre effect and to brighten it up.


Feathery eyelashes: You can easily notice that this fall is all about the drama! So, you have to add your thick false eyelashes to complete this dramatic look. False eye lashes make your eye looks bigger and they are perfect in photos.


Bronzers instead of blusher: Warm bronzers work perfectly as blusher for that tan looking effect and natural look. But in order to keep everything simple use a matte bronzer not a shimmery one.


Liner all over: When it comes to drama of course we have to talk about thick liner if winged or not even if it was smudged. And what we mean by “liner all over” is lining your water line as well and these kinds of looks enhance your natural eye color in amazing way.


Red Lips: Fall means red in all its shades and if you want to go for a classic makeup look don’t forget to add your red lips to complete your classic, classy look.


Dewy skin: Forget about matte looking face makeup and make everything looking natural as possible. You can achieve this type of look easily, if you use only concealer moisturize your skin before and add a creamy highlighter but don’t add to much make it subtle highlight, or if you use foundation use your favorite highlighter in the high points of your face to get that dewy look.