Fashion trends that every girl needs to know in 2020

When it comes to fashion, change is the only constant. This unpredictability is what makes fashion such an exciting industry to follow and participate in.

 As with every year, 2020 brings with it new and exciting trends that’ll govern what most of us wear on the streets, at dinner with friends, at work, on date night, and even on vacation (see: resort wear).According to the latest fashion news, this is what the fashion experts have deemed to be the hottest items of the season:

  1. 1.       soft leather pants

With climate change knocking at the door and animal rights groups successfully lobbying against the use of animals in clothing (and the vegan movement rising) it’s no surprise that faux and vegan leather is at the top of the trends list this year.

Thanks to its lightweight construction, there’s no shortage of ways to wear it. We saw it on the runway in the form of leather cargo pants, skirts and even leather tops in various vibrant colors.

  • Oversized puffy sleeves

Inspired by 18th century Victorian era fashion, oversized puffy sleeves are all the rage right now. Women love them for their ability to slim the waistline while accentuating their feminine curves.

Most of the items that feature this trend come in soft, feminine colors and puffy sleeves can be found on tops, blouses, sweaters and gowns alike.

  • Split colors

A cross between color blocking and direct matching, split colors is the practice of wearing two different colors in a unique way. For instance, you could wear two different color earrings or if you’re more daring, differently colored shoes or even a pair of pants with a different color on each leg.

The key to nailing this trend is to apply it with complementary colors, like neon pink and green, or beige and pastel pink.

  •  Bucket hats

Bucket hats have been around for a while and thanks to celebs like Billie Eilish, it seems like they’re not going anywhere.

However, the 2020 version of the bucket hat is a bejeweled creation that you can wear to a festival like Coachella or with a dress while going out with friends. It’ll keep you stylish while protecting you from the sun.

  •   Square toes

In 2020, it’s goodbye to triangle and round toe shoes, and hello to the square toe. We’ve already seen this trend on starlets like Jordyn Woods who favor the square toe design for its ability to lengthen the legs while showing off your cute pedicure.

Only time will tell, but our prediction is that we’re likely to see this trend continue onto the next winter with square toe boots.

  • Garters

Garters were initially used as a practical accessory to keep women’s stockings from slipping off one’s legs. Now, they’re all out to play as a sexy accessory that you can wear underneath a heavy blazer or with a cool tank top.

Garters also look great when paired with a skirt or dress, and come in such dazzling designs that you’ll be more than happy to show them off all season long.

  • Suede

This season saw a heavy influence of 70’s fashion so it makes sense that suede would make an appearance in the midst of all that. Thanks to brands like Celine and Khaite, we’re seeing the second coming of fringe jackets that won’t make you feel-or look- as though you’re going to a costume party.

Chic and sultry suede skirts also made an appearance on the catwalk, alongside Longchamp’s unique hot-pant co-ord sets.

  • Nature lover

You don’t have to be an adventure-seeking adrenaline junky to look outdoorsy this season. From raffia dresses to utility jackets, designers certainly didn’t hold back with their vacation-ready, ready-to-wear collections.

Slip dresses are at the forefront of this trend thanks to how easy they are to wear. Of course, everyone and their auntie has a slip dress nowadays, perhaps in more than one color. But, this season’s edition has seen a few updates, including a sassy and daring chemise that can be worn under jackets or on its own with the latest sneaker craze. The colors are also quite boudoir and include nudes, pastels and soft whites.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Joevren Curmi.