Fashion winter coats and jackets with hijab

In previous times being chic meant that a lady wore a coat with her dress, and she could never forget her hat or gloves. Today things are a little more relaxed. The vintage style is sporty partner of jeans, T-shirts or blouses.

By the way, no changes were made to the patterns with lapels, gathers, and slashed pockets. These details are just as popular now as they were then.

Coats look good with jeans as with glittering dress or lace. The versatile piece can be worn on any occasion. When combining; you just need to be careful about the length.

Only a hand’s width of fabric should be visible below the hem of the coat.

Narrow trousers/pants always look good.

One of the most popular fabrics of the season is lace it lifts every outfit, when the motto is elegant.

Extravagant! yet also suitable for more official occasions. This combinations features short jackets with tank tops and leather bags, paired with slightly flared jeans with trendy accessories and classic ankle boots. Enjoy the collection.