Find your New Fragrance for New Year 2020

Hola Divine Scent Lovers!
Be it a date night, wedding, an interview, a party or even casual events like shopping, the fragrances you put on play a great role in depicting a powerful picture of your character.
Whether you are new to fragrances or connoisseur of fine fragrance, finding your go-to everyday fragrance is quite a task TBH! Sprinkling bazillion fragrances in the hunt for the finest fragrance can be interesting, but at the same time can also be excruciating.

Yes, the fragrance you wear speaks volumes about your personality and vibes. Some people prefer to buy Fragrance for Less whereas; others love to buy designer fragrances.

Read us till the end to woo the world with a pleasant and heavenly fragrance.

So, let’s get started!

Firstly, what is the Significance of fragrance in your life?

It is well stated, the fragrance is all about trying to communicate emotions. More than words, appearance, emotions or will, fragrances have the strong power of persuasion.

  • The apparent fact, when considering the significance of wearing scent is the prime purpose of the fragrance is to make you smell divine and lively and keep bad odour at bay.
  • The other fact is, fragrance step-up your confidence. Like a great partner, a scent can uplift your morale, works well for your personality.
  • Perfume also evokes emotion and uplifts the mood of the wearer. Make sure you opt the right fragrance suitable for the occasion.
  • The fragrance you wear makes you look even more attractive.  You must have heard about the famous saying, “The first impression is the last impression”. Yes, to be honest, perfume does that for us. Fragrance can make you look appealing and interesting to the people.
  • If we dig further, you all must have heard about aromatherapy. The psychology oriented significance of wearing fragrance is aromatherapy.  Fragrance such as citrus fruits, winter spice and floral soothe your body and calm your mind.

Yes, certain fragrances have therapeutic effects which help you sleep well at night and relax well.

How to choose the fragrance that suits you the best?

Though it perhaps seems an arduous task, you are basic steps away from selecting fragrance that compliments your personality.

Pick a Concentration

     Eau de cologne -3-5% oil in a mixture of water and alcohol.

     Eau de toilette- contains a slightly lower percentage of fragrance essential than Eau de parfum.

     Eau de parfum- 15-18% oil blended with alcohol

     Parfum/Perfume- can last all day and has the highest oil concentration.

Testing the Fragrances

Myriad fragrance counters offer a blotter sheet to test the perfume. It is well said, “Try before you buy”. The same goes well with fragrance. Spray a whiff on your wrist and wait for about 30 seconds

While finding an ideal fragrance, the most pertinent factor is your impulsive and instinctive reaction to the fragrance.

  A fragrance has three keynotes-

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Base Notes

The base note of the fragrance is long-lasting and captivating.

Hope it has been a good read. Until we come up with another post have a great time.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Christi Perri.