Floral blazers styling ideas


The fresh wind of the spring season is wonderful and the perfect outfit needs a blazer. In this topic I present you 10 fashionable and smart outfits with floral blazers.Bring your wardrobe into complete flourish with these spring-ready floral blazers; they are very easy to style them in no time. But there is one simple rule before styling an item in floral print which is ” Do not put more than one floral item to the whole outfit” You after all do not want to look fussy and noisy, so pick only one floral item and style the rest of the items in neutral tones.

We have a floral blazer, simple neutral top, jeans, pump heels and a small clutch or handbag. Pick one color from the floral prints and choose your handbag and your shoes and match them with the colors you choose.

Floral blazers can also suits your office attire as a professional working woman, so bright up your wardrobe with one or two floral blazers for your work style. I’m really in love with the apricot long sleeve floral blazer; the colors are very neutral so it matches lots of colors. I would wear this with my favorite jeans, pump heels, simple neutral top, and shoulder bag. A statement necklace and a watch would look cute too. I hope you enjoy all the styling ideas, have a nice weekend.

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