Funky hijab style by Asia Akf


When it comes to the funky casual hijab style; there are a lot of nice ideas to consider for achieving this look. The popular fashionista Asia Akaf is always famous for the funky casual style, she love to look comfy and cool, she love to look free from the life daily stress and to live for the moment.

If we take a look at her casual style we can see that she tries to balance between the casual funky styles with a touch of modesty at the same time.

Bright colors, attractive details and comfy outfits are the main keys of the funky casual style. Young teen girls love to achieve this look for their daily life. This look can suited colleges or the social clubs and can be so stylish. The turban style is still continuing for this season too and we can see a lot of styling ideas and tutorials from many women’s that creating many new looks from it.

Designers have been very creative to women who prefer to wear modest and sporty. Fashion stores are filled with beautiful sporty casual items with comfy fabrics and bright colors that make modestly easier.  I hope you enjoy the funky casual style.


asia akf hijab summer style

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