Fur vests and cardigans outfits


Jackets and coats are one of the most essential pieces for every winter season, which are indispensable in women wardrobe. Vests regarded as a formal suit that can be worn in different occasions, but vests now considered as a casual wear item which suits different times and occasions.

This winter fur vests came in a variety of models and designs, not only in cuts, but also in colors and materials.

Fur coats and fur cardigans combines warmth and elegance which women always wishing for. Fashion designers have decided to return again to the dark classic colors and to less down the bold bright colors, which lasted over two seasons.

Gray colors appeared again in fur and mixed with black, white, red and dark navy.

Fur Coats can be worn on cold winter days, in morning and in evening, and you can also wear it at night with a classic trouser.

Women should take care when wearing fur coats because the fur is increase the size of your body, so you can wear a belt in the middle and be away from baggy trousers and choose proper slim trouser that fits on the body.

These styles of fur coats and fur cardigans are adorable, and their materials are smooth and soft. As well most of the fur coat came in many styles of animal prints styles like zebra, leopard and many more. Enjoy the collection


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