Get the eyebrows of your choice with microblading

Microblading is the most talked about beauty treatment nowadays because of its growing popularity.  By going through The Brow Effect – Learn AboutMicroblading sessions, it is easy to know about the details of microblading that can give new eyebrows to people that look entirely natural.  Those who lack eyebrows due to hereditary reasons or some sickness or have very faint lines can create lush and full eyebrows with microblading. The artificial eyebrows are the artistic creations or tattoo artists who, with the delicate and super-fine brush-like strokes, can give you the eyebrows you always longed for. Although the artistic skills of tattoo artists are important, they must also possess excellent technical skills to use the tool for microblading to make it behave like a brush.

A pen-like tool for tattooing

Microblading has a lot of similarity to tattooing, which is why many people call the procedure eyebrow tattooing that uses needles to insert pigments into the skin. The microblading artist uses a bunch of superfine needles that form the pen-like tool. It rotates at very high speed and grazes the skin to create very fine pores through which the pigment enters and settles on the surface of the skin. The tip of the tool is so fine that the artist creates very delicate hair-like strokes that resemble natural eyebrows so much that one must touch it to feel the difference. Despite the pigment going under the skin, the procedure lasts for 2-3 years only because the pigment reaches only up to the topmost layer of skin. If someone tries to convince you that it is permanent makeup, you have reasons to refute the claim because microblading is semi-permanent.

Your lifestyle influences the tattoo longevity

Remember that although the artist completes the procedure in a single sitting of about 2 hours, you need to touch-up within 4 weeks or a month. Only after completing the second session you can start counting the lifespan of the tattoo, which can last anything between 1 year to 3 years, depending on your lifestyle.

To make it last longer, you must avoid sun exposure as it can cause the pigment to fade quickly. Avoid putting glycolic acid and retinols, which are exfoliants near the eyebrows because it would peel off the top layer of the skin and, when used repeatedly, will also fade the tattoo color.

Have a natural face with no makeup

Microblading is perfect for those who are averse to makeup and eager to have natural looking eyebrows without spending long hours every day to create it. The semi-permanent makeup stays in place intact even when you go through your daily chores without the fear of smudging. Aging can make eyebrows thin, and plucking eyebrows may not be good because there is no surety of eyebrows growing back. Microblading gives you an eyebrow you want, which stays with you just as if you were born with it.

Despite all the care you take to your newly created eyebrows, its lasting depends on the kind of skin you have.

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