Girls backpacks 2019

A handbag is more than an accessory that complements an outfit; it’s your best friend where you stash your essentials in luxe, spacious or mini styles and all sorts of trendy bags.

Backpacks have evolved beyond the school looks -that some might still assume- with grown-up versions, functional sizes, versatile materials and fabrics, logos, prints and other stunning accessories-adorned takes.

What could be cuter than a medium sized logo backpack in a soft pink color to go with a sweater and jeans combo when going to school or college or simply for an everyday carry.

A white flap backpack for a playful sporty look, or an elegant feminine soft hue of pink in faux leather do serve also for the same purposes. A convertible backpack is a variation on these bags to carry in more than one way.

 Have a functional water-proof nylon light-weight shoulder backpack in large size and of black, gray to keep all your gear. Logo backpacks in designers takes in camel, black, or soft tones of cute pink or lavender are so in-trend.

Medium pebbled leather backpack in black is the best friend that’s perfect to pair with sleek leather boots. You can match these with a lot of outfit themes; be it an elevated casual one or even a sophisticated executive look.

Leather grown-up versions of backpacks are so appealing with the charismatic effect they add to any outfit. For an elevated casual look get a rich red color for a mini leather backpack that would add the zing element.

Camels and brown tones for these polished looking backpacks complement literally any outfit especially of leather. Faux fur and fuzzy fabrics are not a dominant in just in clothing but also backpacks with furry accents are also trendy.

 You can opt for a deep earthy potter’s clay or gray backpack to give your street style looks a shaggy-chic feel. Scroll down for more classy, cute, sleek and functional designs and stay well-provided with your daily trinkets and necessities.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.