Girly and cute open Abaya


Young girls love to wear abaya too, but in a girly cute way! The young girl love to wear abaya in feminine colors such as pink, mint, neutral tones, and the design of the abaya should be simple and elegant.

Young girls could create different styling ideas when wearing their abayas. They could wear open abaya with jeans and tee, and would complete their look with flat sneakers or slip on shoes.  They could also wear their abaya with closed belt and a medium heels shoes for night outs.

Designers create different Abaya designs for teen hijabi girls; some Abaya came in bell sleeves with chiffon details in bright colors. Some designs came in plain simple style but in candy cute colors, some Abaya came in rich fabrics with no details to give all the attention on the used fabrics only.

In our country the Abaya is mostly considered in the Ramadan month, to suit all the worships in Ramadan and they also appropriate for night outs and family gathering. But the Abaya is fully considered in the Middle East and the Eastern nation as a traditional women wear for the Muslim woman.

In some times teen girls would have some difficulties when searching for an Abaya to suits their age and their style, so they can check this cute collection to pick some ideas of the latest Abaya designs and also how to style them in nice ways. Enjoy the collection.