Golden Rules for Wearing Your Ring with Style and Purpose

More than just fashion accessories, rings have been traditionally used to show signs of affiliation, status in society, and affluence. Before putting on a ring, it is therefore important to understand what it signifies and whether it is appropriate for the occasion. Some useful tips on how to wear rings:

Wear Your Ring with Self-Assurance 

Regardless of the type of ring, you are wearing, you need to understand what it states and then wear it with complete confidence. When you start wearing a new ring, you should preferably wear it in smaller groups of your family and friends to get used to the idea, then go out, and wear it at larger and more formal events. The key to your making a statement with it is to wear it with confidence and allow it to become a conversation starter.

Be Careful About Size and Proportion 

It does not take too much for a ring to look out of place on your hands, especially if your hands are either very small or very large. According to, you can easily wear large rings if you have large hands but you should avoid the smaller rings that can get lost in your big hands. Similarly, those who have small hands should avoid large rings and need to be especially careful of class rings or rings of affiliation to clubs and associations as they generally tend to be somewhat large. If the ring you are wearing looks disproportionate on your fingers, it will look odd, call for undue attention, and underline your disregard for details.

Match Metals with the Attire

While there is a lot of flexibility that is allowed, in general, you should attempt to see that the metal of the rings goes well with the colors of the clothes that you are earning. Wearing silver or a platinum ring may not be a great idea if you are wearing clothes of warm colors and similarly, gold rings may seem too flashy when teamed with cool pastel shades. Tungsten rings are big on style and are perfect for those who want an understated yet sophisticated look.

Balance Your Jewelry 

Wearing a ring on one hand while leaving the other one blank may seem to cause a lack of balance. While it is not necessary to achieve balance by wearing another ring on the other hand, you can always wear another type of jewelry like a bracelet or a watch to even out the effect. If the watch is clunky, you may consider wearing two rings on the other hand to achieve the balance. There are no hard and fast rules, however, a look in the mirror will reveal if you have a lopsided look that needs balancing out.


Just like your clothes, you should think carefully about whether the ring you are wearing matches your personality and reflects the attitude that you want to display. Metal color, size, and proportion, balance, etc. all tend to fall into place if you try not to overdo things. However, whatever it is what you finally wear, you need to carry it off with confidence for a befitting style statement.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.