Hair styling ideas quick tips for college girls

Whether it’s your first year at college or you’re returning to the fray, it’s always nerve-wracking being back on campus after a long summer away. Fashion changes and we’re all trying to keep up! Take the sting out of the end of summer with these great hairstyle ideas for your next semester. Whether it’s quirky and creative or bold and elegant, we’ve got you covered.

1. The Sassy Side-Bun

80’s favourite the side-ponytail has been levelled up to a new level of sass and class for this year’s college intake. Once you’ve put in your side-on ponytail, brush it out and then clip it up into a bun. This is at once a creative and sassy look that’s sure to get people glancing your way.

2. The Double Braid

The double braid is so functional that you can wear it to your graduation or your college gym. Although it’s a little time-consuming to work in those perfect tight braids not once but twice, mastering a strong braid will save you hours of agonising over a hairstyle as it’ll be your go-to choice for any occasion.

3. Beachy Curls

That just-rolled-off-the-surfboard look is timeless and tested. Get this look with a sea salt spray that nourishes your hair at the same time as making it look great. Throw in some curls to complete the look. As an added bonus, you can achieve this look straight off the pillow!

4. Space Buns

The space bun spectrum can range from subtle to super charged so there’s plenty of room to make this look your own as you’re discovering your new college identity. Personally I love a loud bun so I don’t hold back when putting these buns up top. For an extra quirky look keep it half-up-half-down and let your luscious locks flow beneath the buns.

5. Loose Pony

The best way to catch yourself a cowboy is with letting your pony loose. We love the messy ponytail look for the way it screams individuality (definitely not because we’ve overslept). No need to condition for this look, just pull in the ponytail. For added character you can back-comb the ponytail a little to get it larger than life.

6. The Topknot

Nearly ruined by Scandinavian dudes in the mid-2010s, we think it’s time for the topknot to make a comeback. Pull your hair into a bun on the top of your head and secure it with a trusted scrunchie. Make sure to check the mirror because you may need to straighten that topknot up, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

7. A Single Braid

If you’ve got long hair, then one great way to tame it is to build one super long braid. This is a gorgeous, elegant look that goes glam in one second flat when you get a little hairspray on the top of your head. Why not ask your hairdresser about extensions and see how low you can go?

8. The Topknot Braid Bun

An all-time favourite hairstyle that combines our two loves and mixes up is; the traditional braid. Coil your single braid into a beautiful bun and pin it to perfection. An especially good option if you want to add a couple inches to your height without risking heels!

9. The Old School Ponytail

Take it back to the ‘90s with an old school take on the ponytail. To pull off this look we like to go big on the ponytail (nothing neat about it) and then top it off with perfect bangs. This look is coming back in a big way with celebrities so get on trend.

10. Big Crimps

Not everyone is ready to invest in the crimped lifestyle, but if you don’t have money to burn on a three-barrel curler, don’t lose hope. Crimps on a budget can be achieved by braiding wet hair before you go to bed – undo the braids in the morning to find perfect, no-hassle waves.

Class Dismissed

You don’t need the budget of a small nation state to get the perfect hair for going back to college. Armed with these new style ideas you’ll be turning heads and dropping pencils as you swan into class. Good luck with the semester, sister!

This article was written by Katherine Rundell.

Katherine Rundell is a writer and editor at Undergraduate writing service UK and a fashion blogger. Her two whippets, Chase and Charlie are her style icons.