Hany Elbehairy Haute Couture 2015

Egyptian designer Hany El Behairy exceeds on him self with his unique and elegant Haute Couture designs, which reflect his fertile imagination and his artistic insightful vision. He inspired his designs from the antiquity royal queens and the royalist mood but the designer add on them his modern touches.

The show began with opened red gown attached to it a silver bolero with encrusted stones, mineral and multi-layered with Red soft chiffon. The collection came in multiple colors dominated by the golden color and the rest of the colors represented in red, green and black of course.

Haute Couture dresses presented in encrusted jewels as a whole, hung from them golden decorated chains from the above lines of the shoulder, and crystal beads which covers the entire piece. The fashion gold and silver gowns covered in glittering crystal chains in a very magnificence artistic drop-down style

The designer used in the most of his designs the longitudinal lines in the one shoulder dresses, which gives the impression to the gracefully chic dress. As well the designer defines the waist with scepter in each and every one of those breathtaking dresses. The golden embroideries dresses won the high impression among the fans in particular.

The wedding dresses were all simulated the flowers configurations with tucks, which alternated with the roses and satin crepe fabric. Every dress became closer to be a masterpiece.

The designer took care of his accurately designs bring the Golden charm on the catwalk, blended his designs with simple and elegance spirit, his calm and integrity cuts reflected on the bright dynamics colors which full of lively elegance.

Hany ElBehairy dress 1 Hany ElBehairy dress 3 Hany ElBehairy dress 7 Hany ElBehairy dress 6 Hany ElBehairy dress 2 Hany ElBehairy dress 5 Hany ElBehairy dress 4

Hany ElBehairy dress 9 Hany ElBehairy dress 10 Hany ElBehairy dress 11 Hany ElBehairy dress 13 Hany ElBehairy dress 16 Hany ElBehairy dress 14 Hany ElBehairy dress 18 Hany ElBehairy dress 17 Hany ElBehairy dress 12