Hijab clothing for your body shape

very woman should not ignore the nature of her body shape and size, it should be appropriate with what she wear to appear  beautiful and chic . Women should give some attention on the nature of her personality and her interests; in the twenties, thirties and forties periods, we find differences in body shape at each of these stages; so you need to know the best way to spend every stage in stylish and perfect shape.

As seen from these beautiful sets; I have chosen many casual styles in order to give different  many appearances and new ideas  to suit the summer outings, we find that the denim jeans ranks number one in this list and the casual summer blouse in various light colors, we also find the long skirts with casual simple T-shirts and colorful scarves that you can wear them to look hot and beautiful.

But the most importantly, that you have to select what is appropriate on the shape of your body, if you are from the plus size ladies do not wear blouses in big floral prints  but choose small floral prints to reduce the size of your body, also if do not wear short blouses, but try to wear long one to hide the unwanted parts of the body.

At the end try to enjoy  your life and choose beautiful bright colors as shown here in this collection and take use many ideas in your wardrobe..