Hijab lookbook ideas

Hijab trends are varying this season; they came in many styles and designs. A lot of new trends have come out this season to give you more ideas about how to choose your favorite style. Long cardigans matched with long blouses are gaining a lot of popularity this season among hijabi girls; this look is very modest and chic at the same time.

When wearing long blouse with long cardigan try to pick matched colors that goes well with each other, such as these looks presented in this collection. Long vests are very popular as well; you can see lots of chic colors in stores such as camel, beige, gray and black. Try wearing these vest with simple blouses such as striped blouses and paring them with jeans or pants.

Wearing jumpsuit with long cardigan is a great idea; a lot of hijabi girls get confused about how to wear jumpsuit with hijab, but now we have a lot of choices such as long cardigans, long blazer, or long vests they are all will be great.

Abaya jackets are appearing to be on trend this season too; Wearing abaya is a nice idea especially the upcoming month it will be Ramaban Inshaa Allah, may Allah bring peace and happiness to all people inshaa Allah. Enjoy the hijab lookbook and pick some ideas.

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