Hijab new collection by Milla’s fashion


Milla’s fashion is a popular Egyptian brand; aspire to ensure that every piece of their clothing reflects its values; from supplying the finest fabrics and offering the highest classy fashion to satisfy every lady. Milla’s fashion present in this collection the maxi dresses that considered the most suitable item for spring and summer season. Milla’s dresses are made from jersey and other lightweight materials that are supposed to be very comfortable to wear.

Woman should always go for the soft materials that are suitable for the hot summer times. Milla’s fashion presents some fashionable choices for every veiled woman that is appropriated for the weekends and summer holidays.

Milla’s fashion is offering some designs for the slim ladies and as well some designs for the curve lady. The maxi dresses come in an assortment of colors and styles; that are mostly presented for the optimistic cheerful women, and their fashion is well liked by a great amount of ladies all over Egypt.

Milla’s fashion designs are stylish and chic that provides a pleasant feeling that every woman need. The Long and flowy dresses by Milla’s fashion are so comfortable and trendy, you can find a maxi dress with ruffles, prints, or even simple; all the styles are in Milla’s fashion store.

With your personal touch do not forget to choose your favorite dress by Milla’s fashion from this lovely collection. Enjoy Milla’s fashion hijab collection.

If you want to order from Milla online store Call 01094965556

And also visit Milla fashion new store at El Nasr city.

24 Ezat Salama Street from Abass el Akad Street- El Nasr city

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