Hijab outfits for petite girls

Dressing with confidence and elegance is the most important thing in fashion, whatever body shape you have or in any personal style you love to wear. The aim of dressing as a petite is all about finding clothes that is compatible with your natural shape. There are some guidelines you can rely on to flatter your figure and to know how to use some fashion tricks just to look sexy and confident.

Thinking in smart way when shopping can make it totally easier, so you can get out there and feel pretty and awesome in your petiteness using nothing but what you’ve got in your wardrobe.

As a petite hijabi girl pick outfits that compliment your body type, boost your assets, and definitely find clothes that give you the silhouette of height (vertical stripes or toneless outfits).

Try to opt for outfits with less detailing since supplementary fabric adds volume and can make you look heavier than you really are.

Everything is all about sense of balance. If you go with bolder prints opt for an uncomplicated outfit, in contrast, if you prefer outfits with more layers and details then opt for smaller prints in regular or pastel colors.

Take a look at a variety of hijabi street styles for more inspirations and ideas on how to fashion your petite figure.