Hijab outfits for the beach

Soft drinks by the pool, days at the beach, blue waves and breathtaking sunsets. We want these days to never end! Going to the beach in simple comfy clothing is what you need to enjoy a lovely fun day at the beach.

Wearing your hijab at the beach is not a big deal; you do not have to put on many layers of scarves. Only one scarf will do the job, just wrap your scarf in simple easy way, or you can wrap a nice turban in cute way as well.

When going to the beach pick light and breathable outfits in neutral colors, such as; flowy maxi skirt with simple tee, or palazzo pants with cropped chemise. Complete your look with a beach straw bag, flat comfy sandals, sunglasses in big size, and a very big straw hat to protect yourself from the direct sunlight.

Hijabi fashion bloggers are giving us a lot of nice outfit ideas to consider them when going to the beach. Kimono cardigans are very suitable for the beach; they came in fringes as well to give a nice bohemian style.

You can also wear a simple maxi dress, or an over sized blouse in light blue color, you have many options to consider in this nice funny day at the beach. Enjoy the collection and pick some ideas.