Hijab outfits for the gym


Most of the hijabi girls are facing some struggles about how they could wear for their working out routine! As a hijabi girl you could do your working out routine with comfort and style.

You could choose light weight sweatshirt pairing it with comfy sweat pants, prepare your favorite sneakers and you are ready to go.

Put your hijab in simple wrapping way; do not wear many layers for not feeling so hot while you are working out. In this collection we can see lots of practical ideas that we could all consider for doing your favorite sports.

A simple tee with a suit jacket, sweat pants, and sneakers. Or wear a sporty suit in light color; wrap your hijab in simple way, a comfy sneaker. If you want to do different style; you could wear a graphic tee, a denim shirt, and a sweat pants.

What to take with you in your sporty backpack? As a hijabi girl prepare a small towel, your shower kit, a bottle of water, and your mobile, of course and do not forget the ear-piece for lessening some workout tracks.

You could take many styling ideas from our collection to enjoy your working out day in style.