Hijabi street style

In previous times Egypt was the center of fashion and mode; every new trend came first in Egypt then in Europe, but the situation changed a lot after that. However Egyptian fashion designers rise again from many years ago and decided to work hard to create new trendy clothing to suits all kinds of taste.

In this collection we will talk about a very fashionable hijab outwears especially for the veiled woman to cover all her needs, the collection presets the latest stylish hijab wear, that filled with modesty and style.

Hijabi bloggers are offering winter casual sweaters in large size just to suits the different women sizes and as well to suits their modest hijab wear. The sweaters came in different styles and new cuts; woman can wear them with her favorite jeans or even with her maxi skirt.

Also we can see from this collection new stylish maxi skirts came in winter warm colors, just like red, green and black, the veiled woman can mix and match her hijab outfits and create new style every day.

The collection presents the most fashionable hijabi street styles, which are so common among girls, as most of the girls here in Egypt are wearing these familiar styles with their hijab.  The most intelligent fashion designer is the one who think about what his / her community needs and try to offer it. Enjoy the collection.