Hijabi traveling style

Traveling is so fun! It can change your mood, refresh your thoughts, and gives you a lot of good experiences. Traveling also will let you; meet new people, knowing new habits of different cultures, and many more benefits.

Picking the right items while traveling will give you more comfort and style to your whole look. When traveling as a hijabi you have to consider some important tips to bring you safe and comfy traveling hours.

First; when picking your traveling scarf that you already prepared for your long trip; try to pick a comfy scarf that made from cotton or a smooth pashmina. Pick a long chic coat, comfy sneakers, comfy pants, but I do not recommend wearing jeans especially for long trips.

Pick some simple jewelry in your makeup box, which would go well will most of your outfits. Take with you two or three cross-body bags in different colors, because they are the most common bags for travelling.

You have to be more practical and only pick what you will use in your traveling days. If you will spend three days for example then pick six clothing outfits; one for morning and one for evening each day.

I wish everyone to travel at least once every three or five months; it’s a very benefit habit and will change your entire mood. Enjoy traveling and have a safe trip.