Hippie boho arm candy jewelry

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” is a real life motto said by the one and only Yves Saint Lauren. It does really give you an insight on how to have the confidence on making your own style and strut along as if you’re on your own runway.

Boho chic accessories are amongst such pieces that add a touch of uniqueness to your look whether they are in vogue or not. The key is in picking the right pieces wisely to complement any ensemble with the vibrancy of the boho style.

One can’t get enough of boho style pieces that do refreshed up everyday style. There are numerous flashy pieces to have in your closet for your bohemian accessories such as the tassel element in a catchy pair of earrings or a pendant as part of your night out or casual outfits. Fringed necklaces with a statement stone can be worn for special occasions or casual outfits. Fringes come in threads, suede or leather themes and you can find them in jewelry as hanging silver or golden strips that give dimension to your look.

Gypsy statement necklaces add an artistic vibe to your everyday urban styles, a simple take on boho style pieces can be found in delicate layered necklaces for a soft and romantic touch. You can never run out of options for boho chic layered necklaces. They can be ornamented with many different pendants or symbolic lucky charms of different length, thickness and material as well.

If you are aiming at an over accessorized look match many bracelets and rings with different types of necklaces. Or, you can layer different types of necklaces for a distinctive hippie look the thing that can be attained through combining necklaces of earthy natural colors with beads, tassels, feathers or animal pendants.

Suede chokers would also be an unconventional take on gypsy inspired fashion that are of versatile inspiration. The essence of boho- inspired style is about being full of life and embracing the carefree and relaxed aspects in it. Hence, it’s easy to achieve this striking style without fretting about if the pieces match or not. So, immerse yourself f right into it and don’t hold back.

About the writer:

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.