How to accessorize your hijab in winter

In winter most of us love to wear the knitted fabrics and chunky scarves; we also love that cozy feeling that comes from the heavy knitted materials. The veiled woman also loves to wear chunky scarves, but may be her hijab didn’t allow her to get the look that she really likes. In our post we will see how to create beautiful styles with the hijab mixed by chunky knit scarves.

If you really adore wearing chunky scarves in winter with your hijab; you could wear the knitted beanie as a head cover and mix it with a chunky scarf. Like these images.

The veiled woman could also wear a turban in heavy material and wrap it in different ways. Then she could wear her favorite scarf around her neck to create a modern chic style.

If you like to be simpler; you could wear your simple regular hijab scarf in its normal way, wrap it and put its ends under your shirt, then wrap your favorite knitted scarf around your neck.

Wearing hijab in winter brings a lot of fun; It protect your head from the cold weather, you could do a lot of accessorizing every day, and you would feel cozy from head to toe. Enjoy these ideas, and pick some tips.

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