How to apply blush to suit your face shape


Learning to put on makeup and trying different looks is enjoying, there are some tips on how to put a blush according your face shape. To Apply Blush Use your favorite blush in your cheeks and apply color to your cheekbones, follow the lines of your bones but only first know what’s your face shape is; heart, oval, square, round or  long.

Then after applying, look straight into the mirror to check that you’ve put the same amount of color on both sides.

It’s better to apply blush when you smile rather than sucking in your face; that way you can see the apples of your cheeks better. When you want to contour is when it’s best to sink in the cheeks to get a better defined jaw line.

Strong colors are on fashion trend this season, but what matches your skin is the most important thing, so there are varying color degrees and many colors to choose the best ones of them.

Putting on the exact amount of blush isn’t as hard as you may imagine. Just go after some small tips that we have for you in this article, combined with a little bit of practice and you’ll be professional in no time. Enjoy the guiding photos.


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How to apply blush to suit your face shapeHow to apply blush to suit your face shapeHow to apply blush to suit your face shape

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Blusher for different face shapes

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