How to apply the cat eye makeup


The make-up arts depends on simplicity, and whenever your artistic touches came to a closer look to nature you will be more special, but there are strong colors can not be dispensed, especially in the special events, through selecting special colors determined by professionals in the world of make-up to cope with the Fashion season.

The cat eye look always gives your face more feminine appearance. Applying a rosy blusher on your cheeks will gives you the natural rosy look.

Pinky-toned or chorally colors blushes are great for warm winter; black eyeliner to outline the eye from up and down can surly make your eyes look big.

Cat eye makeup is all about fun and excitement so prepared for trying out. Once putting the concealer and basis, put a neutral colored eye shadow on which you can make the look. With a standard eye brush, apply the bright color of the eye shadow all over the lid; you can use shade with a little sparkle to get that additional remarkable result. Then use a tiny brush and put the average colors of the eye shadow starting from the lash line in the direction of the fold.
Knowing how to create the cat eye makeup is all about trying out with valiant colors, shiny and sparkles. Therefore it is significant to be familiar with the newest shadows and other eye products that are accessible in the stores.

When putting the eye shadow, use an eye makeup pencil or kohl to fill the higher and inside lids. Blotch the outside edges of the higher lid to get the smoky result. Come to an end off with two covers of volume attractive mascara on both the higher and lower eye lashes. Enjoy the topic and take a look at the step by step tutorials.

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