How to apply the no makeup technique

The key for no makeup is having a healthy looking skin and if you haven’t, don’t worry we got you covered and here we will give simple tips for healthy and glowy skin and also for natural look with minimal makeup. Suitable for school, college, or if don’t have time and still want to look put together.

Tip1: Exfoliation or scrub by adding 3 table spoons of coffee to a 1 table spoon of coconut oil, coffee protects the skin from harsh sun rays, leaves skin softer and coconut oil is known for anti-aging properties and moisturizer for the skin.

Tip2: Moisturize your skin with the moisturizer that suites your skin type but don’t you ever use oil for moistrization if you are going out in the sun light because it will darken your skin. There are many moisturizers out there like the Johnson one and cataphyll.

Tip3: Sun screen or sun block to protect you from the harmful rays of sun UVA and UVB and using sun screen keeps your skin looking younger and protect you from wrinkles and dark spots caused by sun rays. A good sun screen we recommend for you is La roche posay as it is available in many types for every skin type.

Tip 4: Prime your face to prepare it for the makeup will be applied later to make the makeup last longer, minimize the looking of pores and provide a smooth base for makeup. We recommend Baby Skin form Maybelline as it is a good affordable one.

Tip 5: Conceal the problem areas and under eye dark circles using concealer with a good amount of coverage like fit me from Maybelline. You can blend it with your fingers, brush or beauty sponge.

Tip 6: Foundation for your skin type with a sheer to medium coverage like the Maybelline fit me foundation if you like using foundations in the daily basis and if you don’t concealer is just enough.

Tip 7 : Powder to set everything in place and wet n wild powder is very good to set everything in place and if you love baking your under eyes this powder will be perfect just choose the right shade.

Tip 8 : Bronzer of yours to give your face dimensions like Borjois bronzer and any leftover bronzer in the brush use it on your eyelids as a soft eye-shadow that will make you looking like you put so much time in your makeup.

Tip 9 : Blusher with a natural color like wet n wild , Maybelline , Jordana and L’oreal ones and repeat the same trick we did for the bronzer with your blusher to put the look together.

Tip 10: Highlighter of course is a must for most of the girls out there but we don’t recommend using a highlighter in this makeup look if you have an oily skin, but a good highlighter we recommend for you is the wet n wild ones they are perfection. Use highlighter for your brow bone and the inner corner of the eye for a natural look.

Tip 11: For eyebrow we recommend using eye brow mascara for full and pushy eye brows and natural look and color as well.

And here we came to the last tip that finishes the look which is of course

Tip 12 : The lip stick use a bright soft color for a natural look .

It may seem a lot of steps but in action they don’t take time, all these tips will last for just 10 to 15 minutes but the finished look will be flawless, natural yet glam.

About the guest writer;

This article was written by fashion blogger Shrouk Mouhammad.