How to applying eyeliner the right way


Drawing eyeliner is an art in itself and it needs precision, focus and some effort to get a wonderful result. For highlighting your eyes we have collected some mistakes that spoil the eyeliner and some solutions to help you getting a great result.



Take care when you use a large brush to apply eyeliner down, do not exceed the limits that are allowed or else, you will get the eyes of a Panda instead of a beautiful good looking one.



Suffering with applying eyeliner without mastering it with clear and straight lines, will spoil your entire appearance and you will not get a satisfactory result, so we advise you to practice drawing it whenever you have the chance.




One of the biggest mistakes when applying eyeliner is to lift the eyelid higher, it is impossible to get a similar eyes drawing in this case, and also that the line will look winding after the return of the eyelid to its place.



Drawing a black eyeliner line inside the lower eyelid will look nice only if you have large eyes. If your eyes are medium or small, the beauty experts prefer to use white or nude pencil for wider and beautiful eyes.



Make sure not to leave an empty space between the line of the eyeliner and the line of your eyelashes, because this will make the shape of the eyeliner inappropriate and neat.



Many girls’ attempts to match the eye eyeliner go damper each time and the result is not satisfactory, so we recommend to you draw one fine line next to the line of eyelashes and not to modify it and you will become faster by the time.



Do not use colorful eyeliner on the lower eyelid during the daytime, where beauty experts prefer to use it for occasion only.



If you use pen eyeliner it should be pointed so that you can draw a straight line quickly.



There is a golden rule that says that liquid eyeliner is found only for the upper eyelid, and the pen eyeliner is for the lower eyelid and therefore tries not to use liquid eyeliner on the lower eyelid in order not to achieve terrible results.



As mentioned above, and to avoid any unsatisfactory results due to runny eyeliner on the lower eyelid, make sure to carry one of the means of rescue with you like cotton litter to set the form of your eyes if you laughed a lot, for example.