How to be your own fashion stylist


Fashion is changing every day and what we criticize yesterday becomes something  usual today, but that does not mean that we should follow and imitate without thinking, but we have to think and  select the best suited to our taste and our character to come out of the traditional appearance that we used to live it all the time. Of course many women in each age group agreed on how to look appropriate and stylish in their age, that is the best way to get a solution to this difficult equation to enjoy fashion and the trendy designs.  And  at the same time to appear in suitable body shape;  sexy and attractive.

In this collection; I picked some styling ideas created by ordinary people, to show us how they create their own style in very simple ways.

This season; is the season of the bright colors, especially the vital Rose, fuchsia and bluish green, where’ll find it in most of the fashionable shops. These vivid colors gives us a natural freshness in moments; once wearing them.

Also try to wear a denim shirt or a denim jacket as an outer wear instead of the regular cardigan or bolero for a modern trendy look; after they have become more spread everywhere since the last season.

Try also acquired a small clutch bags; they are very practical and given elegance when wearing them instead of the large bags.

Accessories are indispensable in your wardrobe; the trend this season is the simple statement necklaces with metal cuffs, try to pick some bright colors and as well some golden metal ones. Enjoy the styling ideas and create your own style.

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