How to become a street wear model?

If you want to become a model without any heavy paid photoshoot you have to use the Instagram and Tiktok apps, and a lot of clothes for photoshoots.

Streetwear model are the best part time income generator source. I saw many Instagram model who are shoot the photos in streetwear and then they become professional model in few times.

Mens and Women both will become the streetwear model; And Photoshoot is the major role in the modeling field. Men Photoshoot Poses are different and Girl photoshoot poses are different.


You can wear the best combination outfits for photoshoot. Wear all type of clothes like Casual, Formal.

For photoshoot you can wear the denim fabric, they are the best option for any photoshoot poses. You can try out denim jacket, shirt, and jeans. Wear Denim Jacket with T-shirts and Shirt for unique and attractive looks in photos. You can use the filter in Instagram apps for editting photos such as bright and dark colors.


Don’t forget to style your hair for photoshoot you have to look attractive with your looks as well spend some bucks over the hair style. Here you can find out the best hair style ideas in 2019, Groom your hair with branded product like hair serum, hair spray and gel. You can go to the professional hair salon parlor for get perfect face look.


Shoes fashion is major part of modeling. Shoes become the iconic style you have to multiple choices to wear while you have to do photoshoot. There are Sneakers, Loafers, Formal, and Running Shoes etc.


On every photoshoot you have to give perfect poses front of camera just standing with camera is not a model style. You have to give perfect poses just like below natural poses, walking poses, on bike poses etc.


If you can choose dirty location or bad background your photos also come dirty means not perfectly, and model field need perfect pics. If you shoot your photo with perfect location just like Mall Parking Plot, Front of Mall, Garden, Breaches, Signal points, Joggers Park etc.

Most of the successful street wear models are shooting their photos over the street corner breaches and market area.


For perfect photography need perfect gadgets if you have Canon or Sony DSLR camera your pictures will come widely high resolution, But if you have budget issue you can try with your mobile phones iphone to samsung all has good camera.

But I suggest to you go with Apple iPhone 7+ to Latest iphone X. It has great camera features.


You need photographer for take pictures of yours in street, because you cannot take selfies all the time. You have to hire a photographer for take perfect pictures of yours in street. And, you think photographer takes lots of charges you can take your friend who has good photographer manner.


After taking pictures you need to do some editing. Sometime camera also captures unwanted sit or stuff which don’t have any requirement. You can use photoshop, filmora etc software which is easily available online.


After upload your photos over the social media websites like facebook, instagram and other website you have to marketing your photos, because nobody knew about.

  • Use Popular and Trending Hashtags
  • Share with friends and family
  • Follow on instagram


If you have enough followers like 10k to 100k you have to start earning on instagram just posting a pic of brands. You have to charge or take free gifts from brands. Mostly influencer asks the money with brands of clothes, for one post minimum $25 to $5000.

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