How to contouring and highlighting your face with makeup


Contouring with makeup is becoming an easy way to highlight your face for everyday look, here in this article we will show some easy ways to try it by yourself at home, so get ready girls for this exciting article.

At the beginning there are many areas in our faces to highlight and we will try to give you the easy areas that will not take a lot of time; first what is contour mean? It’s meant to outline a figure or body to mold or shape, if we are talking about makeup it’s meant to create shadows to define certain areas with makeup.

So what we have to use to create this contour; you have to make sure that you use the matte bronzer without any sparkle or shimmer, then you have to use many brushes to apply it for the different areas of the face, such as the angled brush, and for the smaller area of your face a fan brush and an eye-shadow brush.

Apply large angle contour brush has satin soft hairs that will distribute powder smoothly across the skin.

Draw an unreal line from the corner of the lip to the top of the ear, shade below the line to push features back, draw a second unreal line from the corner of the nose to the top of the eyes, then shade above to intend the template to make cheeks look more high up, for the jaw line it should be darkest at the jaw-line and will blended.

For the forehead shade a line close to the hair line and blending it. then apply your favorite makeup smoothly.

At the end of our article I hope you get some benefit of it, enjoy the guiding photos below.

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