How to dress according to a slender straight body shape

How to dress according to your body type for more flattering looks needs a bit of calculations done on your part. The majority of women fall into one of 8 body types that include apple/triangle downward, banana/straight, pear, spoon or bell/ triangle upwards, hourglass/ triangles opposing, carrot/inverted triangle.

Start now with taking the measurements of your bust, hip, waist by yourself or ask someone to help you especially for more accurate shoulders measurements.

 A slender straight body shape has the same measurements for all the body sections and is commonly named after bananas distinguished for not having a well-defined waist.

Tube tops and dresses with a snazzy belt would be stunningly charming for this super-model body shape. Aim at bright colors, different textures and cuts adding more curvaceous effect and volume to your upper and lower body.

Go for A-line skirts, ruffles and layered tops. Blazers, long jackets and capes add more drama drawing the attention to the arms which are your high assets.

For the not-to-wear part for this body type avoids clothes that highlight your waist or those of rigid and shapeless styles. Avoid skinny tops or skin tight jeans, loose fitting dresses and tops, dark color jeans or trousers.

Carrot body shape or the famous athletic inverted triangle body envied by many is distinguished with broad shoulders, small hips and slender legs. Your voluminous bust is the part to which you need to draw attention away from your undefined waist.

So your clothing styles have to add definition to your hips for a more balanced silhouette. Straight cut jeans and dresses of an inverted V-look will be suitable for this athletic body type.

 Pencil cut skirts and skinny jeans are your thing. Keep your closet well packed with tops of banding or nipping at the waist, wrap style tops, tailored shirts and jackets.

Remember to avoid pairing these with much layered tops or definition to your upper body. V-necks will help you create the allusion of narrow shoulders. Avoid patterns, ruffles or layers in your upper body and keep it minimalistic. Embrace who you are and kick your style game up a notch with these looks.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.