How to dress according to the hourglass body type

There’s no such a thing as the perfect body shape. Everyone is unique in one’s own way. Dress your body for a more flattering and a better-looking silhouette. Body types are more commonly named after fruits or in geometric figures.

Apple, banana, pear, carrot, hourglass and spoon! Dress according to the outline of your structure and proportions which simply put means dress to flatter.

 Hourglass body type is the kind of curvy body that has well balanced hips and bust with a beautifully defined waist to kill for. Though you’re among the lucky ones blessed with this body type you have to be careful how to accentuate your curves attractively.

Remember to dress the top and bottom while paying close attention to your waist. Show off your curves wearing broad belts over a shirt or dress, wrap-around tops and skirts, flowy dresses and skirts.

Well-fitting tops and jackets, figure skimming and pencil skirts of all lengths would look amazing. Boots, high heels and necklaces that fall to your navel are among your must haves.

 Even hourglass body types have certain styles that would look most unflattering. If you have this body type you need to avoid shapeless and loose tops and dresses. Top hourglass body types are similar to the standard hourglass body with a much ampler bust.

 Your top priority is to accentuate your waist while filling out your lower half with clothing cuts. Select clothes and tops with narrow V-necks. Keep dark colored themes for your upper body.

Also jackets and well-tailored shirts are amazing for your body outline. Stay away from baggy jeans or jackets, loose fitting clothes, boxy shirts, stiff clothes, square necks, boat necks and wide striped skirts or trousers.

Make these your guidelines whenever you go shopping and it’ll turn into a fun experience. And bear in mind your inner beauty is what makes you really shine.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.