How to dress smart casual in winter with hijab


Would you like to have a thin waist without a cumbersome diet? Or becoming a little bit taller in length, without bothering yourself wearing high heels for long times? If your answer is Yes; so this topic is just for you, which we review the most important visual tricks that can be done in fashion for more smart casual look for this winter season.

We will Begin here with how to look taller?; there are many ways to look taller without wearing high heel  shoes, these ways can increase you length or so at least.

You can try the wide leg pants with a wide cut at the bottom, which can accommodate from below the knee when reaching its end touches at the heels, so it will give you a sense of lengthwise.

If you want to wear the straight pants or the legging pants so try to reach its end at the end of your ankle and no longer.

Maxi dresses and maxi skirts always reflect the lengthwise with a sense of tallness, especially if you worn with them a jacket at the waist and not longer than that, so you will not appear short.

And for the shoes; try to wear a triangle shape at the front and choose a color that is near to the color of your skin tone and try not to cover a large part of your feet.

About the color aspect; you can wear one color from top to the bottom with some change in the degrees. Try also to wear clothes with a high waist and not the low waist so as not to lose your extra part of your tallness.

Wear a thin belt, not a wide chunky one, and do not forget the most famous trick is wearing striped clothing. Enjoy the styling ideas and dress smart that winter.