How to have a casual maxi look with hijab

Maxi floral dresses with small prints are being preferred by lots of elegant hijabi girls. The floral print adds a special charm and gives woman more femininity which she is looking for. As well gives her elegance and sex appeal. There are a lot of different designs in markets in which woman can able to choose from depending on her taste.

Maxi dresses are pleasant and suit many women’s tastes. In this collection I tried to make complementary images on how women can wear floral maxi dress with the rest of the accessories.

Finally if we choose the right accessories it will give us the female desirable look. A woman needs at least two or three maxi dresses in her closet to enjoy the summer time. Some maxi dresses are suitable with big large handbags and some designs are suitable with small clutches bags.

In this collection I present some floral small prints can be perfect with small clutches, they can be worn in the evening with fashionable high heels.

Woman can wear many kinds of footwear with maxi dress but the suitable footwear is the wedge heeled sandals and the high heels sandals as well. The simplest makeup can be perfect with the floral prints so woman can look more feminine with some rosy blusher and pink lipstick.

Do not over wear many jewelry accessories, a cute necklaces and two pieces of bangles are enough with the printed maxi dress. Woman can wear maxi dresses in many occasions from morning to evening depending on the fabric of the dress and the prints. Enjoy the collection and choose a nice print for summer days.