How to highlight your cheeks and lips

Over the past few days; a lot of girls on the global net has become obsessed with this rainbow highlighter. Its new and is trending right now.

need this rainbow highlight

Prism Illuminating Rainbow Highlighter

Fascinated in shifting that rainbow highlight to your cheek? Swipe your finger once in the pan and swipe once on your cheek…

Full on prism result! For a more merged look you can use a brush as you usually would.

testing Rainbow Highlight on hand

rainbow hijglight

Prism Illuminating Rainbow Highlighter

gorgeous rainbow highlight

This season lips are really packing a punch; the emergence of deeper darker moodier shades at Doo-ri and Proenza Schouler set the scene for shadow days to come.

How to highlight your lips 7 s

The key to perfecting this statement look is keeping the rest of your make-up simple and nonchalant.

How to highlight your lips 2 s

Use a light foundation and go for blushes with burgundy tones. Define your eyebrows with a pencil that’s as close to your hair color as possible and choose a rich, long lasting lipstick in plum, maroon or deep burgundy.

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Our favorite is YSL’S Rouge Volupte perle in mesmerizing purple. To make your lips really pop, don’t forget to use a matching lip liner.

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The idea of outlining lips with a pencil and then filling in the color has had its day. Lipstick formulations have improved so much that the old pencil line which stopped the color from bleeding is now redundant.

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Top international makeup artist B.J Gillian feels a pencil line now looks ‘ harsh and obvious’ especially if you are using one of this season’s new natural looking beiges ( Chanel’s Soleil Flamme, Givench’s no 8 beige, or Lancome’s beige).

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Many models, and even actresses, in order keep up with the fascination for full lips, are undergoing fat transfers or collagen implants, with temporary and often questionable results. Although it’s important to have a reasonably generous mouth, it is more important that the mouth fits the face.

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