How To Look Stylish While Wearing A Hijab – Tips To Follow

“Wear Your Confidence With Hijab & Let It Represent You.”

Just a few years back, Hijab was considered as the most under-rated dress code, and it took years to make it a trend that everyone adores now.

Since the headwrap has been approved as the versatile, and decent scarf-wearing style, it has diversified the perception as well. So today, it is fashioned with various dress codes and looks tremendously stylish.

Here, you will learn everything about Hijab fashion with your casual or formal wearsthat willwork in any season. Also, we will share tips for pairing accessories and shoes with your overall attire.

Find out below!

The Importance Of Hijab Scarves – Some Tips

With time, the significance of scarves has aroused, and almost everyone (regardless of religious importance) wear them for the sake of fashion. The scarves do best in winters as they can save your head from the cool breeze.But now, scarves in summers are also very trendy.

Important Note: Hijab and Abaya are the two different things, as the Hijab is the name of a head wrap, whereas the abaya is the coverage for the whole body.

For this, you can opt for different Hijab styles and the stuff that seemsmodish in any season without any reason. 

Check some underneath:

  1. Type of Stuff: The scarf fabric should be breathable and light-weight that doesn’t feel like a burden on your head in summers, but in winter, it is suggested to cover the head with a warm scarf.

Few of the scarf fabrics are mentioned here:

  • Summer Stuff: Cotton, Linen, and Satin are perfect light fabrics for the scarf
  • Winter Stuff: Wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Jersey, Satin, Mohair are the best warm clothing stuff.
  • For Spring/Autumn: Silk, Satin, Cotton, Linen
  • Wearing Style:Interestingly, you can wear (or tie) the headscarf in multiple ways, that are unique yet quick for day-to-day routine and different events.

Some of them are:

  • Turban hijab style is an eminent thing these days, as many fashion bloggers wear it more often.
  • Neck Round Knot is a simple style that covers the head by allowing you to take the edges around the corner and tie a knot.
  • The Turkish style, Iraqi style, and the Arabic style are favorites for the girls who love to wear a headcover. So, you can also make any one of them your forever lifestyle.
  • Designing Ideas:With this, different printed and vibrant-hued scarves are immensely carried with mostly plain dresses. Also, you can make your headscarf representable by involving some chic yet fashionable ideas.

For instance, you can have plenty of attractive edging options, too:

  • Pom-pom scarf finishing,you can get them by simply sewing pom-poms on the scarf edges.
  • Tussles scarf edges,follow the same way as elucidated above, but with the tussles.
  • You can finish the scarf edges with some trendy laces available in the market.

Excellent Tip: you can have your scarf edges stitched with a net (or some random edging) cloth that is spare at home (waiting for getting stitched).Also, use it to sew the scarf ends as beautifully hemmed scarves look adorable when worn.

Now, let’s check the thing that you need to consider after knowing about scarves for Hijab. Yes, you got it, the outfit plays a vital role in bringing out your whole look.

Dress Code & Hijab – Follow the Trend

Previously, the hijabs were only the part of abayas and never taken as a trend with other wearables. However, time changed the mindsets, and now you can wear it with any dress code while keeping your lifestyle intact.

For example,

  1. Your appearance would become notable when headwraps are paired with long dresses, skirts, gowns,and some other formal attire. Below, we aresharing some interesting Hijab carrying looks (with links):
  2. Maxi Dressesto pair with your hijabi look, for summers
  3. Eid Long Dressesthat you can enjoy wearing with your fancy headscarves
  4. You can also wear it with checked coats, shirts, and even with leather jackets
  5. When you wear them with trendy dresses for travel, you look awesome, even on the plane.
  6. While talking about the upper wear, how can you forget the bottoms that you would appreciate to wear every now and then like jeans and pants, which also suit your appearance?

Well, while not ignoring the significance, you can definitely weara headscarf with

  • cotton-like pants
  • trousers of different types
  • light jeans, denim jeans
  • or even with bell bottoms

Amazingly, you can find various fashion bloggers on social media who wear jeans with headwraps making it acceptable for everyone to seemodest wear, and you can call it Street Style Hijab.

Read more for fancy ideas.

Accessories To Style With Hijab

No look is complete without accessories. Indeed, the fashion sense has reached to the next level, and now girls love carrying jewelry with Hijab. Moreover, many brands have introduced accessories to pair with headwraps that actually doesn’t seemto be depraved.

Wearing headwrap is a norm now, so not to forget to jewel up with your favorite yet matchingheadcovers. Let’s check different jewelry ornaments.

  1. Pendants/Necklace:Well, are you astonished? Don’t be; the necklaces and pendants undeniably make your appearance more elegant. For this, you can find multiple necklaces such as delicate rose pendants. Wear it & Voila!

How-To: After covering your head with the scarf, wrap the pendant or necklace around your neck over the scarf and keep it like the way from where everyone can see.

  • Earrings: Before, it wasn’t easy to carry jewelry that lifts your features with headwraps, but it has become easiest with time. Indeed, the earrings and ear-studs both look admirable with them. Also, the earring seems more stylish when they are paired with turban style Hijab.

How-To: Wrap the scarf around your head by leaving your ear lobule (from where the ear is pierced) opened. Then after done with the headcover, wear your favorite earrings and adore yourself.

  • Trendy Pins For Hijab Fixing: When you are out, your headscarf can slip-off its place if not pinned properly. For this, durable and comfortable pins for headwraps are available,from casual to formal. Indeed, not only would it increase the worth of headcovers but also enhance your subtle show.

How-To:Tie the headcover as you want and pin the areas from where the chances of scarf falling are more.

Keep In Mind: Not every scarf (stuff) setting needs pins, so opt for different styles that don’t need pins to assemble. It would be a blessing for those who don’t like to wear pins on their head.

  • Other Accessories: Some other accessories that are also imperative for your Hijabi attire are glasses, bracelets, belts, and nose pins, which increase your look-value once you carry them all.

How-To: All you need to do is to wear the glasses on your face, some trendy bracelets on the wrist, and a nose pin/ring (optional). Plus, it improvises the dressing when you buckle up your waist with any perfect belt.

After your dressing, the makeup is also worthwhile for your overall appearance.

Makeup Trends To Follow

You carry shaded scarves around your face, which never bounds your makeup options. Still, it would be best if you keep a few things in your mind recommended by some Hijabi beauty bloggers while making up your face:

  1. Always match your makeup with the scarf and jewelry you are putting on.
  2. With dark shades, go for dark bold eyes makeup; it undoubtedly enhances the face beauty.
  3. If you are already wearing a lot of colors, keep your make up simple and don’t add colors to the face.
  4. Makeup application is quite difficult while wearing a headscarf as it can touch the scarf and can destroy it. For this, you can add a bit of tissue over and under your scarf. By doing so, the foundation or concealer you apply doesn’t affectyour scarf.
  5. Avoid using glitters; instead, use the shiny eyeshades that don’t spread.
  6. Never overdo your make up.
  7. The good lip colors would make you stand out among others.

Extra-Tip: It is suggested to wear the headwrap that matches your eye color.

Have you forgotten one more necessary item to complete your look? Scroll down to know.

Style Your Hijab With Shoes Or Bags

For sure, you would not go out barefooted, and when you are head to toe covered in up-to-date attire, you feel incredibly beautiful when you are wearing a nice pair of shoes along with lovely bags crossing your shoulders. Don’t you?

Hence, shoes and bags are also mandatory that, of course, complete your look.Find some tricks here:

  1. Wear high heels with long dresses.
  2. With jeans, you can wear sandals, flat shoes, or even snickers.
  3. Also, the cross body bags or big fat bags can be carried as per your desire.
  4. Sometimes, the contrast bags take your fashion sense to the next higher level.

Indeed, either it’s your everyday look, or you are heading for some special event, the Hijab exceptionally adds beauty to your style.

Final Thoughts – Be A Fashionista

Hence, we have discussed the Hijab fashion and style you can carry, no matter where you are going.Also, wearing it is no more shame but a way to appear more modest and exceptionally beautiful…

Make yourself look beyond the best and forget the rest!

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Wardee Wayne.