How to make body skincare routine at home


Beautiful, healthy skin requires daily care. Building up your own body skincare routine is not just a five or a six step process. It’s a way of living and feeling the glow from the inside out. Keeping your body hydrated works miracles for your skin. Having a well balanced diet alongside exercising, and keeping your skin well protected from the sun do deliver your best body.

Still, the fact remains that you do need to create a body skincare routine that works for you, just as you have one for your face. It’s true that your body skin is a bit thicker than the skin on your face and neck, but you have to be gentle with each step you put in your body skincare routine.

So, Skincare products of natural ingredients are a long-term wise decision for this matter.

1 Cleaning and cleansing too harsh cleansing products, hot showers or too long frequent bathing; these are among the habits that highly contribute to stripping the skin of its natural oils, and drying it.

So, only use gentle soap-free products make sure the water is lukewarm and consider soaking in a bath with Epsom salts or any other cleansing ingredients in your weekends. And for ideas, check out HOW TO PREPARE RELAXING BATH AT HOME

2 Dry brushing Gentle dry brushing is enough to move your lymph , stimulate circulation , to bring oxygen to your skin, muscles, collagen, and gently massage your connective tissue to keep your skin looking tight and toned. As you start dry brushing regularly, you will notice improvements in your skin tone and no cellulite if you have any. Before showering, a two minute circular motion with a body brush, starting from the bottom of your feet in upward strokes (towards your heart) is quite effective.

3 Exfoliating properly is a key step to start on a clean canvas and help you gets rid of dead skin cells, open up the pores and let your skin breathe and glow. To exfoliate properly, use scrubs of natural ingredients once or twice a week.

Pick your favorite mixes of gentle scrubs according to your skin type. For ideas on how to make your scrubs check these mixes. 4 Moisturizing All skin types need moisturizing, especially after shaving or waxing.

Moisturizing daily with the right natural beauty products can leave your skin protected, feeling soft, healthy, radiant, and looking amazing. While your skin is still wet from your shower activities, it’s an ideal time to hydrate your skin.

Smooth a hydrating cream or lotion over your body, letting it absorb before putting your clothes on. Be patient and consistent when it comes to realizing the results you aim for your skin to reflect your inner beauty and shine, trendy girls.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.