How to Match Body Jewelry to Your Outfit

Jewelry is a kind of women accessory, which not only enhances her beauty but acts as a savior when the outfit is not up-to-the-minute. If you smartly pair the jewelry with your outfits, you will surely make many heads turn around without much effort.

Jewelry trends are evolving with time, and new trends of body jewelry like body chains, shoulder chains, etc. are gaining popularity.

Nowadays, the market is overloaded with a variety of high-quality body jewelry, making it a bit difficult to pick the best for yourself.

We often get confused about what to choose and what to deny. So here we jotted down the seven-step you should follow which guide you on how to match body jewelry to the outfit:

What’s the occasion,dear!

The primary and essential goal is that your jewelry and dress should be according to the event. How you accessorize yourself, it very much depends on the occasion. You can dress up sophisticatedly with subdued jewelry pieces for an office meeting. Try your innovation by opting a centrepiece to highlight your styling for a fashion event.

Pick the right outfit

Ok, sometimes we already have some dainty jewelry pieces but, the wardrobe section has lack of appropriate outfits. In this case, think patiently, whether the jewelry is suitable for the event, if yes then, purchase a complementing dress, and your work is almost thru.  

Explore the various body jewelry options                                                       

If you have to begin fresh with every purchase, then first explore every choice. Search for the latest trends in jewelry and fashion and choose the right piece of jewelry which suits your personality and is perfect according to the moment.

Jewelry must relate to outfits design and type

Check out the neckline and shape of your outfit, and pair the body jewelry accordingly. Like, pair up a choker necklace with an off-shoulder outfit for a classy look. Always try to match the shape of your fashion jewelry with the shape and design of your dress. If you consider it, you will undoubtedly earn many compliments.

Pick the pieces which lift and reflects your personality

Choice of jewelry reflects your persona as every piece and design of body jewelry have some significance. Like, colorful and bold jewelry reflects a vibrant personality, and understated pieces reflect a mature and responsible personality. Pierced body jewelry reveals the sensuous and bold side of your personality.

Quick trick: Wear a centrepiece

Never overload yourself with jewelry. If your necklace is heavy, then keep other things to the minimalist. This tip will save you from a gaudy or disastrous styling.

Never forgot to embrace your wrist

Always try to wear a toning bracelet with your dress. Choosing the right one is easy, like pair a bunch design bracelet with sleeveless outfits and with long sleeves pair a thin chain style bracelet.

And, if you are searching for a reliable body jewelry source, then, explore online stores from where you can easily make a purchase.

So, hurry and grab one matching piece for your outfit.

Good luck!

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Susan Harris