How to organize your wardrobe in winter

Once seasons changing and winter comes with its usual cold, questions and ideas starts up and revolve in every lady’s mind: “Do I need to buy new clothes? Do I have suitable clothes for the current season or I should buy new clothes to complete my winter wardrobe? and what about the suitable accessories for this winter? ,,, Your winter wardrobe will reply all these questions.

Arranging your wardrobe not considered as a hard task, give yourself some time to know the previous year clothes and use them again.

There are some pieces that shared between winter and summer, they will remain in your wardrobe to make use of them, these items including cotton and silk blouses, which were the main pieces in summer, these items will be complementary with your clothes in winter that you can wear them under a jacket or coats.

The light embroidered cardigans with knitting and crochet stitch which you can not bear in the extremely hot summer days, in winter they would be a suitable items for warm days when wearing them with a blouse or shirt suitable for winter.

As for Jeans, you will not give them up in winter season, even the maxi jean dresses you can wear them with short wool jacket to suit the winter.

Trousers and skirts that made ​​of thick cotton and gabardine you will use them in winter, keep them in nearby shelves.

You will not need new handbags, but only to renewal your style, but you will lay off the light cotton bags that appropriated for summer and Seek for the leather handbags and other fur accessories to be suitable for winter.

Your accessories will not change so much, but You should note that winter requires few accessories, because you are already wearing several layers of clothing, so only wear a scarf around your neck or a piece of fur for the evening. Enjoy the collection.

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