How to rock the checked coat trend


Every year comes with new trends, regardless the 2017 trends, 2018 has a huge comeback for the 80’s styles beside a new hits as you will see now. Here are the most eye-catching pieces of 2018 checked coats, and that’s how they call it and honestly it’s perfectly describing it.

Checked coats for women! You can boast with it the practical chic look and mostly worn with jeans or casual pants. Checked coats are very stylish and classy; they are in many colors and designs, every girl can add her special touch by adding some accessories like leather belt, scarf and necklace.

Winter fashion season demanding some fabrics that add some warmth, pieces that cover the body and colors are in neutral tones.
Wool has always been one of the most preferable fabrics; ladies coats are designed exclusively in up to date style and fashion. This type of smart casual’s best described the feeling of comfort, and a sense of natural relaxation.

Mix and match patterns are one of the girls favorite things, search for new style for yourself, think in the form of your body and how consistency and whether such a fashion for you or not.