How to style your Abaya cardigan for Ramadan

Abaya cardigan is a new fashion trend that is trending nowadays in the street style. The veiled women always love to wear Abaya during the Ramadan month because it’s modest wear and can suit all the worships that happened in this holy month.

We all know the ordinary Abaya style and how the veiled woman wears it in elegant way, but these days there is a new way to style your Abaya in new different styles.  Well! How to style your Abaya in different way? There is a kind of open Abaya that can allow you to wear whatever you want underneath it such a dress or a blouse and pants and you just put on your Abaya above your outfit.

Blush pink and the neutral tones are the most popular colors to choose when buying a new Abaya. Choose as well a matched scarf to make a beautiful contrast with your Abaya.

There are a lot of Abaya materials to wear in the spring and summer seasons such as; chiffon, jersey and Cotton. Try to pick a comfy fabric to suits the hot weather and to help you do all your activity during Ramadan month. Have a happy Ramadan, enjoy this beautiful month.

peach abaya style neutral abaya style white and beige abaya fashion

abaya paired with palazzo pantspink with white abaya nudes abaya hijab style blush and nudes abaya styleblue and white abaya abaya fashion with lace details  abaya cardigan with pencil dress neutral nudes abaya fashion