How to style your headbands


As the title said we will be talking about the headband but not that U-shaped ones, as you thought! Those headbands still exist till this day but we are talking about something much cooler.

Hair Accessories out there are few but they totally change the game like the headbands, if you choose the right one it will make you look glamorous.

The First thing; if you have short or long hair, thick or thin hair, or if you going through a bad hair day, you can’t get wrong with headbands and this was the first rule about wearing a headband. You can even wear them just to keep the flyaway hair away from your face or to hide you bangs too.

The Faux Braid headband: We decided to start with the most feminine one. You can’t go wrong with it and I’ll tell you why. They are perfect for the girls out there who don’t know how to braid their hair and making it look like a headband and also for the girls who have thin hair. Also it works if you are going for a party, beach, formal occasions or even college and school. See, it works anyway. You can wear it with an up do, curly hair, messy bun, or sleek straight hair.

Sparkly / jeweled headbands: If you want to go deeper in feminine looks, go for the jeweled headbands; this type suitable only for special occasions like party or wedding. Style your headband with an up do of your choice or a Dutch braid for a classy look.

Satin headbands: They are a little bit close to the ones we wore in our childhood, but trust me they will give you a fresh look if you paired it with a messy bun or a ponytail and sleek hair.

Thick wool headband: When in winter, place your hat with one of those with a curly or sleek hair. It will be your best friend in your bad hair days.

Floral headband: For a boho themed party or just any party, you will catch the eyes with these floral headbands they are so girly and adding them changes the whole look although they are not practical but still cute.

Scarf headband: Here we came to our favorite one; you can play a lot with the scarf headband. You can wear it as a turban. You can add it to your braid for a different use. Use it for your bun to secure it not just as a headband and it goes perfect with any type of buns. Wear it as a head wrap with curly hair for a cool look. Wear it with a side swoop hair for a girly fresh look or with a side ponytail.

Scarf headbands will save you too much time especially in the daily basis or when you are in a hurry and will make you look like you did too much effort in your look.

About the guest writer;

This article was written by fashion blogger Shrouk Mouhammad.