How to use makeup cosmetics the right way

Hello beauties; let’s see how to use makeup cosmetics the right way, and what we should do and what we shouldn’t.

It said; cosmetics do not have an expiration date and can continue to be used until it gets empty.

Indeed… All cosmetics have an expiration date! Makeup companies print some certain symbols on the packaging itself, which state how long do you have to use the product and when you have to stop using it upon its completion and the start of that period since the first use of the product.

It said you don’t need to clean your make-up brush if only you are the only one who uses it.

Indeed… The longer time you leave the brush without cleaning or care the easier way it accumulate on it the bacteria due the contact with the other cosmetics and the various surfaces. That will cause problems for your skin and also shorten the life of the brush.

It said… cosmetics cannot spoil or damage!

Indeed… If you did not keep your cosmetics in safe place away from moisture and sunlight that will spoil them before they ends. Preferably placed your makeup cosmetics in illuminated places and fairly cool.

Enjoy our makeup tips.