How to use makeup foundation the right way


Hello beauties; let’s see how to use makeup foundation the right way, and what we should do and what we shouldn’t.

It said… Cream can replace the Premier (foundation cream) easily.

Indeed… along with moisturizing the Premier makes the skin feel soft. In addition the make-up will last for a longer time when applied on top of the Premier.



It said… you must apply Concealer (cream that hides defects) before foundation (makeup cream)

Indeed… The right act is quite the opposite! where beauty experts recommend applying foundation first and then skin correction, that way you do not need to use a large amount or too much. You will get as a natural consequence of more.



It said… that foundation (makeup cream) adversely affects the skin.

Indeed… The modern combination of the products that is now available in foundation by the well-known brands has more moisturizing care and protection. Only you need to choose the right kind for your skin type.


It said… Foundation (make up cream) is not applied around the eyes.

Indeed… modern productions of foundation not containing alcohol and do not lead to skin dryness which became possible to be applied to the entire face and eyes, and don’t be frighten from the appearance of the small wrinkles.


Enjoy the tips.