How to wear layers in fall in stylish ways


Of all this season’s runways trends, layering is the most dominant styling technique you should master. Assuming you did settle on your final shopping list for the fall, there are numerous pieces in which to invest for this particular tactic as well as several keys and tricks to layer artfully.

Denim is amongst the easiest playful extra layers that are close to mind. Loop a denim jacket around your waist when in need of an emergency layer. It’s also a fresh piece of garment to a key street style look that has been around since last year and is still set to remain for 2018. Simply wear your summer dress over jeans. Leave the dress unbuttoned slightly at the front for a more relaxed feel.

Shop for a flowy floral red-backed dress with a pair of blue jeans for an unexpected styling combo as found over in Ganni Modesty dressing seems to prevail this season with silhouettes covered-up, extreme layers and low hemlines.

You can nail this runway look with layering a plaid midi dress with a cropped motto jacket that cuts off your waist at just the right point. A white shirt is a must for any wardrobe. It’s your much-needed layering essential, as it goes with everything.

Whether that’s under or over a dress, tucked into a pair of trousers, or just poking out of a jacket, you can mix and match it in so many ways. You can mimic such a look from Endless Rose layer a knee-length tank dress over a white blouse with some statement-making sleeves.

Cardigans with their versatile pretty styles, starting from long, loose-fit, short to bulky, slim, striped, printed and plain are the perfect way to usher you to the cooler seasons all through.

A gorgeous looking office-appropriate long buttoned cardigan in light grey can look awesome worn atop matching grey colored dress. You can style a slip dress with a long, cozy cardigan and ankle boots and strut along with elegance. Or, try on a bomber-like cardigan in patched vibrant prints with a cool mini denim skirt for a casual look. So, start heaping them up, trendy girls, with these fabulous ideas for you to try this fall.

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This article was written by guest author Reham selim.