How to wear long tunic with hijab

Long tunics and open cardigans are on trend this season, most of the hijabi girls are trending now this modest and chic trend. Long tunics came in a variety of designs and colors such as in neutral tones and also in bright colors. Hijabi girls love wearing long tunics with slim jeans and sneakers; it’s very comfortable and casual style.

As well wearing long tunic with open cardigan is creating a matchy combination, but when you pick the long tunic with the long cardigan tries to pick them in nearer lengths to create a perfect outfit that is comfortable to the eyes.

In previous times we all know that the length of the tunic should be equal with your height and not conflicting with it, but nowadays fashion designers creates new different lengths to put some variation to our outfits.

Fashion designers create different cuts to the tunics; they design the tunics with long back than the front, and that’s so nice idea, we all love it.

Some women love to add belts or long shawl above the tunic for a chic elegant style. The long tunic gives a bohemian look, it’s a lovely piece and it’s a best way out to face the hot weather. Enjoy the lovely tunics and pick some ideas.

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