How to wear stripes with hijab

Looking for an unexpected combination! Wearing striped patterns seems fun and unusual; try to look different when wearing stripes like matching a bright red or white scarf with your striped outfit or a large colorful bag.

There are many ways to wear a striped dress with hijab; you could wear it with a cute black blazer, or a denim jacket, or a knitted cardigan in pop color such as pink. If you aren’t certain about wearing striped outfit, then try matching them in the form of a nice handbag or scarf.

If you are a fan of the striped maxi skirts; then wear them with a nice white graphic tee, a denim jacket, and cute sneakers. The striped palazzo pants are also in trend; wear it with a blazer jacket and simple white shirt of an elegant look.

Everyone is having different body shape from the other one; so wearing striped patterns will depend on how much your body weight and how your style looks like.  Every ‘body’ will look un-similar in a striped dress as every ‘body’ is apparently different. If you are going to become involved with this style, you are require to shop and seek out hard for that single item that would go well with you.  Enjoy the striped outfits with hijab, pick some ideas.