How to wear the gingham print


Fashion designers recycled again the 70’s trends in chic and elegant way! The gingham print is back again in different designs and stylish models.  You can wear a gingham ruffle top with a skinny jeans and high heels for a formal look.  Wear a gingham top with a pencil skirt for a classy look.

Wear a gingham blouse with a denim pants or shorts for a casual look. You can also wear a simply gingham dress for a summery look. Gingham print is rocking this season and you couldn’t take your eyes off this lovely trend when you see it in any store.

What are the most suitable colors to wear with gingham? Well; the gingham prints would go well with red, pink, green, blue, and the muted tones as well. You can wear a gingham blouse with jeans; put a contrasted bag and shoes in bold color to complete the look.

Choose comfortable simple clothing that offers what you need without messing your own elegance, for example if you going to buy a gingham ruffle blouse that looks comfy to wear, you have to know that there are thousands of styles and designs in markets, so here is your task to look for a classy and stylish model with high quality and also in chic design. Enjoy the beautiful gingham outfits.