How to wear the striped palazzo pants

Looking for comfy chic style? The striped palazzo pants are rocking this season and they are gaining a big popularity. Palazzo pants was trending the previous year and they still trending this season too, but the striped type is making a huge influence among the modern trendy women.

What is cool about the palazzo pants; that comfy feeling when you are wearing them plus the stylish look. Not only the comfy feeling but palazzo pants are very suitable items for the modest women weather they are veiled wearing hijab or un- veiled.

Palazzo pants came in vertical and horizontal patterns, but I really recommended the vertical style for every- one. Why? Because they looks chic and gives you that slim look, that every-one of us is wishing for. Another thing! You will see many kinds of that striped patterns; choose the thin stripes that are distributing just right with the background. They are looking so chic more than the thick stripes.

The most important thing here is how to wear the striped palazzo pants? Well, you can wear it in many different stylish ways. Let’s say for example; a cropped white top with ruffles, a cross-body bag, and a medium heels sandals. Wear it with a black top and a nice cropped jacket, wear it with a fitted denim shirt, or with a tank top over it a long cardigan. You can rock with the striped palazzo pants in many ways.

Enjoy the styling ideas.