How You Are Ruining Your Jewelry

Are you unconsciously ruining your precious jewelry? You might not be deliberately doing it, but the result is the same: your precious trinkets are turning into worthless items because of the way you use them or the way you store them. Read this article and check if you are guilty of these practices that ruin jewelry. 

You Buy Jewelry without Educating Yourself First

Every piece of precious jewelry needs some form of cleaning and maintenance. If you want them to look as if they are still new, you need to educate yourself on how to maintain them. Each piece of jewelry needs a certain kind of upkeep. So before going to a diamond Vancouver store to buy diamonds, look it up.

You Don’t Clean Them Regularly

The fastest way you can ruin your precious gems is to not clean them regularly. It doesn’t mean that you have to set aside a portion of your monthly income to pay a professional jewelry cleaner. You can do it yourself at home. Use some of the common household cleaning items. But educate yourself first on how you can use them to clean jewels safely.

You Don’t Wear Your Pearls Often Enough

Pearls are different from other jewels. The more you use them, the more they glow and glisten. Pearls benefit from the contact they get with the oils in our skin. Our skin oils help them keep their luster. Wear them often and you won’t see them getting old.

You Wear Your Jewelry First Before Doing Your Hair

Do you have the habit of donning your jewelry before making up your hair? Don’t do that anymore. Hair sprays, hair gels, and mousse contain chemicals that harm delicate jewelry. For example, if your hands have some of these hair makeups and you unconsciously touch your earrings or necklace that will start the decay of your precious jewel.

You Wear Your Jewelry While You Cook

You will easily wear your precious stones if you wear them while you cook. Some substances in cooking will harm delicate jewelry. It doesn’t matter whether it is a Vancouver diamond ring, a necklace, or a bracelet. It is hard to prevent cooking oil from splattering all over the kitchen. One way to avoid that is to cover the frying pan. If you don’t, the cooking oil will come in contact with the surface of your trinkets. This will start the decay of your precious jewelry.

You Don Your Jewelry before Preparing Yourself

Are you like most people? If you are, the last thing you will do before you go out is to spray your favorite cologne or eau de toilette on yourself. The perfume will also cover the bracelet, earrings, or any piece of jewel that is on you. These perfumes contain chemicals that can harm the delicate surfaces of your jewelry.

Now you know the things that you do that harm your precious trinkets. It’s time to stop doing them. If you want your jewels to keep their glitter and luster, don’t do the things that ruin them.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Amyra gupta.